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Most Google Adwords campaigns waste money!

Successful Google Adwords campaigns need to be consistently managed by an expert, otherwise it is easy to spend too much and not get enough new sales or enquiries to justify the expense.

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Investing in Google Adwords management is a great decision…

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  • Many site owners erroneously believe that Google advertising is only for large corporations. What is interesting about Google Adwords is that they allow businesses both big and small to advertise to potential customers who are already looking for the products or services they offer.
  • JDR Group are a Google Adwords ‘Engage’ Agency and manage many types of campaigns – from small to large, and from business to business to business to consumer. We help small and medium sized businesses grow quickly with PPC.
  • When you sign up for your FREE Google Adwords Report, JDR will show you what are the in’s and out’s of your current campaigns and how to get the most out of Google Adwords.

  • In your Google Adwords review we’ll show you:


    The top 5 mistakes people make in Google Adwords

    How to significantly reduce your costs per click

    New features and tools

    How to turn Google Adwords from an expense into an investment

    Your Questions

    How much does it cost?

    The Adwords review is FREE and there is no obligation to sign up for anything after it. We will just give you a complete expert analysis of your account to identify what’s wrong and what needs fixing.

    Does it work?

    AdWords always produces more website traffic, and (unless you have a disastrous product/service, market or website) always produces conversions – the issue is getting to a point where those conversions produce a positive return on ad spend.

    What are the benefits?

    The benefits of having this FREE Google Adwords review are that it will save you money and help you get more conversions. Also, the FREE review will save you precious time that may have otherwise been wasted in trying to get it right.

    Heslop & Platt

    We have been working with JDR now for the past 3 years and during that time there has been constant communication. JDR have gone above and beyond to really get a clear understanding of what we do. It is great to actually work with a company who take the time to really understand our needs.

    Barbara Heslop – Heslop & Platt

    Lawson West

    When JDR approached us they checked all the boxes for what I had been looking for, over and above the other agencies. They were very specific with their analysis of what we needed rather than trying to force us into a pre-made programme. They fitted solutions directly to meet our requirements.

    Kathryn Greaves – Lawson West

    Safety Shield

    We have been a client of JDRs for a number of years, they are one of the most efficient and friendly organisations I have worked with. Initially they were responsible for our SEO, which has resulted in rankings significantly improving. Then they re-designed our web-site, which is now great!

    Tracy Rowberry – Safety Shield

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