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Google AdWords is a sophisticated, helpful, constantly evolving online machine. When used correctly, it maximises the relevance of your keywords, ads and landing pages to increase click-through rate (CTR), conversions, profit and return on investment (ROI). But what if you aren’t seeing these positive results and you’re not sure what’s going wrong? Chances are, your problems can be easily resolved with expert advice.

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Your Google AdWords Checklist

Download your FREE checklist: “What NOT To Do With Your AdWords Campaigns – 13 Pitfalls To Avoid” and it will explain the mistakes that could be hindering your campaign – and how to avoid them in future.

The checklist will cover:

Keywords and Bidding

Networks and devices

Separating campaigns


Dimensions and extensions

Optimised campaign management

By avoiding the pitfalls highlighted, you will enjoy these key benefits:

1) Less costly mistakes – that waste your budget
2) In Google’s favour – by following their rules and guidelines
3) Higher Quality Score – to get higher ad rankings and lower CPC
4) Quicker, more effective results – attracting valuable leads that turn into more conversions

Heslop & Platt

We have been working with JDR now for the past 3 years and during that time there has been constant communication. JDR have gone above and beyond to really get a clear understanding of what we do. It is great to actually work with a company who take the time to really understand our needs.

Barbara Heslop – Heslop & Platt

Lawson West

When JDR approached us they checked all the boxes for what I had been looking for, over and above the other agencies. They were very specific with their analysis of what we needed rather than trying to force us into a pre-made programme. They fitted solutions directly to meet our requirements.

Kathryn Greaves – Lawson West

Safety Shield

We have been a client of JDRs for a number of years, they are one of the most efficient and friendly organisations I have worked with. Initially they were responsible for our SEO, which has resulted in rankings significantly improving. Then they re-designed our web-site, which is now great!

Tracy Rowberry – Safety Shield

It couldn’t be easier to grasp what you should and shouldn’t do in Google AdWords, then use the advice to optimise your campaign and grow your business. Simply fill out your name and email address to immediately access your free AdWords checklist.


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