Duct Tape Marketing Consultant


Duct Tape Marketing, first published in 2006 by US marketing guru John Jantsch, is one of the defining marketing books of the internet age. Filled with practical ideas and a step by step approach to building a business. It is essential reading for any small to medium sized business owner.As we’ve grown, we have attracted certifications and accreditation’s by more and more companies. This is a sign of our Kaizen approach to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

We have followed John for a long time and, in 2015, our MD David Roberts became a certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant. Being part of the Duct Tape Marketing network means that if you are looking for marketing consulting rather than done-for-you services, then we can offer this service. You’ll get an experienced team working with you.

This also means we have a huge amount of additional resources and tools we can give you to help you achieve your goals.
Our Marketing Process