Client Workshops

We offer a range of tailored marketing workshops to help you devise a marketing strategy plan, define buyer personas and recommend digital marketing content. This will help you to plan an automation strategy and to implement new sales systems.

These are all paid services, however we also provide a unique free service to all of our clients: our one-day marketing workshops.

These are free events available to all JDR clients and are an opportunity for you or members of your team to spend a full day improving your knowledge about all aspects of online marketing.

Client Workshops

By coming to these events you will:

Client Workshops
  • Learn more about how you can improve your marketing
  • Participate in activities and discussions so that you can utilise this knowledge and implement it
  • Get up to date information on the latest developments in SEO, Google AdWords, Social Media and Digital Marketing Technology
  • Spend time with your account or project manager
  • Meet other members of the JDR team
  • Meet other business owners, directors and managers – there are some great networking opportunities!
  • Improve your working relationship with us to get more from your project or campaign
  • Learn more about how JDR can help you and your business to flourish

In addition you’ll also be well refreshed with tea, coffee and snacks, and a hearty lunch!

How often are these events?

We aim to put on a free workshop once or twice every year, and try to hold them at times which will make them accessible for people, avoiding summer holidays for example.

Where are they held?

Each event location varies, but we have previously held events at the Leicester Marriott hotel – a professional venue central in the UK and easy to find via the motorway.

Are they really free?

We held our first client workshop in 2012 and decided to introduce them as a value-added service and give our time to you at no cost. We have maintained that policy ever since, as we found that clients that attend the days will get better results. The only costs are incurred by the venue itself – for example the Leicester Marriott has a cost for the lunch and refreshments, although the parking is free.

What if I’m too busy to come?

If you are unable to make it, firstly see if you are able to send a delegate from your business who would also benefit from the day, otherwise just try and make the next one. We strongly recommend making time for these events though. We understand how important taking care of day-to-day business is but prioritising a day to improve the internal functions of your business can move you significantly forward ahead of your competitors.

How do I find out when the next one is?

When we set a date for these events we will; notify you via email, advertise the date on our events page of the website and also inform you through your account manager. So make sure to check your emails, and on the events page and keep asking your account manager!

If you are not a client, but would like to attend a similar event, we also run a range of events from short seminars to full day marketing workshops – you can find out more by going to our events page.

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